Jan Beesley Photography

photographic impressions


I am Jan Beesley (aka Jan Bee) –  a photographer based in East Sussex.

I enjoy all styles of photography but am particularly interested in abstracts, impressions and movement.

I want my photographs to express the feelings/mood invoked by the subject.

Our mental images of scenes are often fleeting impressions taking in only the key elements of shape, colour and form.

This is what I am trying to capture.


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Images which are focused on line, colour and form

Land and Sea

My own view of the landscape, sometimes in colour, more often in monochrome


Urban landscapes and streets


Trees deserve a category of their own as they are on ongoing theme in my work.


Multiple exposure and abstract images of flowers

Projects & Obsessions

Sets of images grouped thematically in some way. Generally things I get obsessed with from time to time, such as Hopper style images, petrol stations, silhouettes!

"One eye sees, the other feels"

Paul Klee