About Me

About me


I am a Sussex based artist inspired by the landscape and our emotional and physical connection with it.

I use photography as my primary medium of expression, my aim being to create intuitive abstracted works as a response to the environment in all its seasonal changes and moods.

Living between the Ashdown Forest, the South Downs and the coast, I have many beautiful landscapes to inspire me. I have lived in Sussex for most of my adult life and have strong family connections with both Sussex and Kent. Memories and echoes of childhood intensify my emotional response to the landscape.

I believe that by connecting with the natural world we can experience time at a more elemental level than the rigid constructs of hours and minutes which dominate our modern lives, and that by responding to the unseen rhythms of nature we can still that ticking clock. I hope, through my artwork to find and convey that still point.

I try to keep this website up to date but my most recent work is likely to appear on my instagram feed here:


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