About Me

About me

and my photography


I am a Sussex based photographer interested in capturing the way I experience of the world around me, both visually and emotionally. The camera can capture scenes in high definition but I don’t believe that we experience the world in this way. Rather it is a series of fleeting impressions and emotions, coloured by our own memories and thoughts.

I love trying different ways of expressing myself creatively and enjoy the playfulness of using creative camera techniques such as multiple exposure and camera movement to capture my impressions.

Printing the image is final step in the creative process for me, latterly I have been experimenting with hand finishing printed images using techniques such as gilding. I like the fact that this creates a “one-off” piece of work.

I am also very interested in the relationship between poetry and image and often write short poems or haiku to go with my work. I call it haikography. This is a project I intend to develop further, at the moment the poems mostly appear on my instagram @jan.beesley