About Me

About me


Based in East Sussex, UK, I am inspired by the work of artists and photographers of many genres. I believe that art has a vital role to play in enabling us to connect with the world in a more intuitive way.

I feel that we experience the world as a series of fleeting impressions and emotions, coloured by our own memories and thoughts. I am fascinated by the idea that time is non-linear, our present moments always influenced by past shadows and future possibilities.

I use photography as the medium to express myself creatively and I enjoy the playfulness of using camera techniques such as multiple exposure and intentional camera movement to capture my impressions. I also enjoy writing both poetry and prose and enjoy combining photography and poetry.

Printing the image is final step in the creative process for me, latterly I have been experimenting with hand finishing printed images using techniques such as gilding. I like the fact that this creates a one-off piece of work which shows the hand of the artist.

Recently I have been learning about making hand-made books and am enjoying this as a way of bringing together words and images.

I try to keep this website up to date but my most recent work is likely to appear on my instagram feed here:


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