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Not quite sure where I am going with this … possibly a new project…?
Pond Life⁠
The mysteries of a winter pond.
Moon Dream

Another response to the beautiful stained glass windows by Chagall
Winter Sun

Something so special about the tracery of branches against a winter sky.
Into the blue⁠

More inspiration from Chagall.
Time for those winter trees again ...⁠
Much as I love the colours of the other seasons, I love the gaunt skeletons of trees in the winter.⁠
Breaking through⁠
Through the ice⁠
Green shoots push⁠
Breaking through.⁠
Chagall light⁠
Paid a visit to the church at Tudeley in Kent today which has the most beautiful stained glass windows designed by Marc Chagall.  Apparently it is the only church in the world with every window designed by Chagall.  Apparently it started with him being commissioned to design a memorial window for the local Lord and Lady’s daughter who had drowned.  But when Chagall came to see it installed he was inspired to design windows for the rest of the church.  Lucky us to have it so near by! Quite amazing and inspirational and am definitely going back on a brighter day.⁠
I have always loved Chagall’s work, because of his wonderful use of colour of course but also because of the sense of fluidity and movement in them.  I used I wanted to try and capture some of this as well as drinking in those celestial blues, so intentional camera movement seemed like the way to go.  More to follow ....

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