Beautiful waterlilies bring life back to the dark water.


Response to the Chagall windows at All Saints, Tudely, Kent

Turn Turn Turn

A promise kept, A promise made, Beginnings and endings, Endings and beginnings, Partners in the tangled dance of time.


A selecetion of images from the Listen project which have been hand finished with gold and copper leaf.


Sometimes it is impossible to see a way forward. Artistically this is a creative block.

Hidden Landscapes

The unplanned art of the imperfect. Formed by time and neglect.

Colour and Shape

It's all about the colour ... and the shape

Gestures of Love

Fallen together, unplanned and unseen, gestures of love.


Caught Fallen leaves In transient entanglement

House of Shadows

A flirtatious sun, Works his way around the room, Inviting shadows to dance.

Caught – hand made book

A hand-made book from the Caught project

Gestures of Love Book

A handmade book of the Gestures of Love project

Endings and Beginnings Books

beginnings and endings endings and beginnings partners in the tangled dance of time

House of Shadows Book

A hand-made book from the House of Shadows project

Gilded Trees

Hand finished images gilded with precious metals such as gold silver, copper

Gilded images

Hand finished images gilded with precious metals such as gold silver, copper


Hand finished images using mixed media

Snow and Ice

Snow changes everything

Ghost Trees

The skeletal beauty of trees in the chilly winter air

The Presence of Absence

As we walk the earth we cast a shadow. When we are gone our shadow remains, To walk alongside others.

Dusty Windows

The beauty to be found in dust.


The joy of shapes

After Hopper

Images inspired by the art work of Edward Hopper

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