Dusty Windows


Dusty Windows

This is the panel of images I submitted to achieve my ARPS distinction with the Royal Photographic Society.

Focus on the near,
The far becomes a strange land.
Shifting perception.

In the quest for perfection we try to eliminate the dust and dirt from our images and our lives, we would wipe it from a window in order to see what is beyond.

Dust on the surface of a window makes the glass visible, changing the boundary between us and the outside world from clear to opaque.   Since dust is largely comprised of us, a dusty window pane could be seen as a visual metaphor for the way our perception of the world is filtered by our own experience.

With these images I wanted to make that dusty veil my plane of vision, focussing on the beautiful imperfection of the dust to reveal the strange abstract landscapes which emerge beyond.


The panel of images shown below were my successful submission to become an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society in November 2020.

Selected images from the panel

In November 2020 I was very proud to be awarded the distinction of Associate of the Royal Photographic Society (ARPS) in the Fine Art genre.

The Associate distinction requires applicants to submit a body of work/project consisting of 15 images and a written Statement of Intent. The images must be of a high standard and must be “a cohesive body of work that depicts and communicates the aims and objectives set out in the Statement of Intent”.


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