Gilded images

Mixed Media

Hand-gilded work

Works hand finished with gold or silver leaf

Hand-finished images where gold and silver leaf have been used to enhance the image.  Due to the nature of these images they are quite hard to photograph.  These images give an idea of the effect.

Burgeoning Light

Gilded with Silver leaf. 7" x 5"

Golden Fishes

Hand finished with gold and coloured metal flakes. Approx A3 size

Moonlit Oak

Gilded with Tim leaf. 6" x 6"

Sunlit leaves

Gilded with Silver Leaf. 7" x 5"

Super Moon

Gilded with Silver leaf. 6"x 4"


Gilded with 23ct Gold leaf. 7"x5"

Tree through dusty window

Hand finished with Gold and Silver powdered metal and charcoal