Turn Turn Turn


Turn Turn Turn

A promise kept,
A promise made,
Beginnings and endings,
Endings and beginnings,
Partners in the tangled dance of time.

The changing seasons enable us to connect with time in an elemental way.  Trees embody the seasonal changes and form a backdrop to our fleeting human stories.  Both familiar and mysterious we cannot help to be fascinated by them.  In these images I have tried to capture the mystery and transience of each season through the changes in the trees.

See also the Winterwood collection

I have also made a selection of these images and their associated poems into a pair of  hand-made books called Endings and Beginnings

Dreaming Winter Trees

A wet walk in the park

Burgeoning Light

Spring song



Blossom Nova


Winds of Change

Cherry Blossom

Blossom Blush

waking dream

Silly Sisters

Where blows the blossom

Love in a time of crab apples

Bluebell wood


Dancing Light

Summer breeze

Welcome Shade



Precious Memories


Letting Go

Last Leaves

Field Edges

Ghost Blues


Winter Blues



Winter Rains

Wolf Moon

Night Tree

Winter Storms

Tangled Up In Blue

Tangled up in blue - Ebbing Strength

Winter Sun Ghost


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