Rhythm of the Unseen Exhibition, New York


Rhythm of the Unseen, New York

Soho Photo Gallery, Tribeca, New York

Rhythm of the Unseen Exhibition, New York

After an exciting build up and frantic decision making and packing up of artwork – I finally made it to New York for the Rhythm of the Unseen exhibitoon at Soho Photo Gallery in Tribeca.

What a wonderful experience it was to be with my fellow artists once again and to immerse myself in this amazing city.

The work I showed was from two projects.


This project was inspired by the Sound Mirrors on the South East Coast of England.  I took a set of the images from this project and added some hand gilding to them, finally finishing with a cold wax seal, which added lustre and depth to the images and protected the copper and gold from the elements.

The use of metals was based on the idea that these metals are used in electronics to transport sound and data, hence it seemed appropriate for this project.

Turn, Turn, Turn

I chose a few images from this project about the way in which the rhythms of time can be felt and seen thrugh the seasonal changes in the trees.  My focus was Spring and  Autumn, with the Autumn image being gilded with gold and copper to represent the falling leaves.


More images from the exhibition will appear on the exhibition website in the fullness of time – so please have a look when you get a chance.


Turn Turn Turn


Coming Soon!

Now it’s time to look forward again and get ready for my next two exhibitions happening very very soon!

SIX Exhibition

South East Open Studios 2023

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