The year’s not over yet


The year's not over yet

Two more exhibitions before going back into hibernation.

The year’s not over yet

It’s been a crazy year one way and another.

After all the excitement and hustle bustle of New York, I was straight back into a group exhibition in Whitstable called “Six”.  This proved to be another really enjoyable event, this time showing my work with a group of artists from disciplines other than photography.

This was followed by taking part in South East Open Studios, sharing studio space with to other artists.  It was the first time I have done this event and it was lovely to meet other artists local to me and to chat to the many visitors from the local area.

I have discovered that  really enjoy talking to people and seeing what they see in my work – often something very different to what I see.  It is my firm belief that all artworks are completed by the viewer as we all bring our own experiences and emotions to everything we see.

By the summer hols I was really looking forward to some creative time out and about with my camera.  But somehow it didn’t really happen as I just couldn’t engage with anything.  A severe case of creative block. 

During this fallow period, the only thing I was drawn to photographically were the whitewashed windows I found in an empty shop.  This obscured glass seemed to sum up my blocked vision perfectly.

I have yet to decide what (if anything) to do with these images so for now they are just waiting for me to have some inspiration  – you can see a few examples here

At the end of the summer there was another open studios event (this time Crowborough) which has energised me a bit and has given me the  impetus to start getting my act together for my  solo show – which is happening very soon (see below).

So I have two exciting events rushing up to meet me over the next month:

Seeing the Unseen – solo exhibition (28th October – 5th November)

This is my first ever solo show and will be held at the lovely Gallery Uno in Seaford, East Sussex.

I am frantically getting everything ready and trying not to get too distracted by the changing leaves and misty mornings, which are hard to resist!

I will be showing images from various projects and would love to see anybody who can make it along.  I will be at the gallery most of the time and there is an opening reception between 10am and 12pm on the Saturday morning (28th), with coffee, wine and nibbles.

More details here

The  London Photo Show 9th -12th November at the Bargehouse Gallery

This will be the first time I have taken part in this event so it will be interesting to see how it all goes. It’s a really interesting venue on the South Bank between London Bridge and Tate Modern.  I am partnering with my good friend Susi Petherick to share a set of images from both of us.  There is a Private View on Weds from 6pm to 9pm.

More details here

Coming Soon!

Now it’s time to look forward again and get ready for my next two exhibitions happening very very soon!

June 1, 2024 - June 18, 2023

South East Open Studios

South East Open Studios is one of the most established annual arts events in the UK; it is a month long showcasing creative talent, and strengthening visual arts across the whole region of Kent and East Sussex.

Event Details
September 28, 2024 - October 6, 2024

Looking Beyond

"Looking Beyond" is a collaborative exhibition between three abstract photographers, myself, Susi Petherick and Alison Buchanan

Event Details
November 14, 2024 - November 17, 2024

London Photo Show 2024

The London Photo Show is a group exhibition at a central London gallery where you see some of the worlds best independent photographers.

Event Details
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